Dean Wormer Was Right!

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If you're familiar with the name above then you can appreciate that classic line from the movie Animal House, the exact quote can be found here.


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Why do I bring this comedic lineup today? Well, research is starting to show how our body and consumption behavior DOES impact our memory, especially later in life. Dean Wormer was right!

Recently, a study was conducted with mice at a university medical center in Chicago. A short and concise summary of the research can be found here. Now, keep in mind this is ONE study so many more need to be conducted in order to confirm this hypothesis but it opens up some intriguing questions about this amorphous thing we talk about in the mental health field called memory and how diet may affect it.

Based on personal experience I know how my memory is affected when I do not get enough rest. Although we know quite a bit about how the brain, specifically the hippocampus stores long and short-term memory via a biochemical process called engrams. How does nutrition affect this process? Does a consistent, healthy diet impact this process versus an unhealthy diet? If so, how?

As a person who is interested in whole body wellness, I look forward to following this type of research. I would also like to see more research on how consistent exercise impacts certain types of brain function, such as memory creation and retention. Regardless, please try and not go through life fat, drunk and stupid. After all, these are behavior patterns you can control if you want.

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