Try on the role of slave😸🌴My favorite cat is Eva. This is the most intelligent and beautiful animal.

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My favorite cat is Eva. This is the most intelligent and beautiful animal. Eve loves sleeping on the bed with me, where she already has her place, if you do not release him, she will achieve until she gives in. Sonia ate only fish and dry food instead of dessert. She does not like to be alone, when someone is about to leave, she sits by the door and accompanies. My cat is my favorite and beautiful!
In my family lives a universal favorite - cat Eve. Now I can not imagine that once in our house there was not that when we lived without Eve, it became such an important and significant being for us. But a few years ago we did not think about the cat. True, I always wanted to get some animal. And then one day we saw a message on the Internet that a little kitten was found. And now he is looking for a caring and kind family. I decided that I would take it. When I was at work, I admired her photo all day. I thought I'd call, that I'll ask to pick up the cat already when I come home from work. But when we called, they told us that they already wanted to take her. I was upset, but I put on and wanted a woman who wants to take her away, she would be good.
But then they called us and said that they decided that it would be better if I took a small kitten into the family, probably our family seemed reliable, but it is so. In the end, we love our cat, take care of it, this is the family of our family. I call this my daughter)) ahahha
So Eve appeared in our life. Eve at first I liked her color, she is very beautiful
I think that this name suits my pet the best. My favorite cat is very plastic and elegant, loves to jump and play with your favorite "mouse".
This clever cat has a complex character, likes to play pranks and even foul. But we still love her very much, so we forgive her all.
So, Eve will never contact those who do not like her. If you treat her with incompetence, she can bite and paw. My grandmother said that the cat always feels like a good person and will not offend anyone. Therefore, impolite guests allow them to blame themselves.
My Eva is independent and independent. He can do all his work all day without paying any attention to us, and he will only caress if he wants. But if she needs something, this pet will always get it - no heart can resist such beauty.

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Aawe she is so cute 😍


Yes, very sweet :)😍