Bat (Kelelawar)

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Good night Friend, steemian, all on the occasion tonight, I told you about the bat, which I photographed using the Lenovo A6000 camera. Bats are flying mammals that we often encounter at night. Bat wings are part of the elastic abdominal skin, the number of vertebrae in the fingers and toes of the bat is similar to humans, because bats and humans are from the same ancestor. Therefore, bats are able to find their prey and are able to fly in total darkness.



Bat foods are insects like mosquitoes, they can eat thousands of mosquitoes every hour, besides that there are also other species that are fruit foods.
I found this bat in front of my house that couldn't fly anymore I tried to help it and fortunately the bat was finally able to fly again. What I observed turned out to be that the bat was still small and only around 2-3 weeks old and I looked at the bat again learning to fly in the wild. Bats can only fly at night and also forage at night, and if the daytime bats sleep, bats sleep in dark places such as in caves and in other dark places. Maybe steemit's friends know, please comment below, because I want to perfect my post and also make me more knowledgeable with all my friends' answers.




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Was he sleeping when you took these photos?

when he fell asleep and fell down I took the photo

Oh cool. :)

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