Nice to meet you my friend

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hello everyone,

I am so excited to share with you this friendly and sweet doggy I have met in Istra. When I was sitting in one of the bars near the sea and enjoying my bear, I’ve noticed this dog not far away from us. I was trying to call him and in a couple of minutes he came to me. At first I was little scared to touch him because he might bite me but then I’ve suddenly realized that he is so lovely and friendly. It turned out that it is kind of spoiled. He enjoyed when I was petting him but as soon as I stopped he was asking for more by touching my hand with his paw and repeating over and over. Probably he liked it :)

Photos and video are taken with Sony xperia xz1

Come again, 😘


He's a real cutie!! Probably laying around that bar for the entire day, just waiting to get a little pat on his back :D

Usually if a dog this size is walking freely around the bar or places usually packed with people, than you have very little to worry about. This does not count for village dogs - those can be defensive or even aggressive to strangers :)

U right.

This dog probably meets hundreds of tourists per week, so I was not really scared, I would not touch a dog in some remote village with no one around. :)

Great photo, I look forward to seeing others from you.

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