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The snake is a long-legged reptile. Snakes have scales like lizards and are equally classified into scaly Squamata reptiles. The difference is lizards are generally legged, have ear holes, and eyelids that can be opened close. However, for cases of legged lizards such as Ophisaurus spp. this difference becomes blurred and can not be used as a handle. but the snake can still be distinguished because the snake has no ears and eyelids.

following explanation of cobra snake

Cobras are the kings of the kings of the snake-type animals of the world. So often called the king cobra nickname. Because both in terms of aggressiveness and also the level usually, not a single snake can match it.
In addition there are some interesting facts that you must know about this cobra snake. Yes who knows can improve your understanding and preparedness for this deadly snake.

Most Poisonous Animals in the World
Cobras are the most toxic animals in the world besides blackwidow spiders and jellyfish. Cobras have a ready to be injected through the sharp fangs into the blood vessels. The inner poisons of this king cobra are made of neurotoxic proteins and polypeptides.
It can be said that these toxins directly attack the nervous system. Usually characterized by pain, blurred vision, vertigo attacks, drowsiness and can lead to paralysis. Even in the worst cases can coma and lead to death from cardiovascular and respiratory system failure.

Life Cycle Cobra
Cobras can grow to a length of about 5.5 meters, so the cobra is classified as the longest venomous snake in the world. While the life of this snake can mencappai age 20 years. In adulthood the cobra weights can reach about 20 pounds.

Cobras have a variety of skin colors, ranging from olive, yellowish olive or even pale yellow. Species in yellow and black are usually found in India. While the blackish-brown combination of white and ivory is often found in China.

Distribution and Habitat
Cobras are very easily recognizable and identified from the distinctive hood that surrounds the neck. This hood expands when the cobra feels threatened and in danger. So there is a call cobra with the nickname snake spoon. Cobras are found in many parts of Southeast Asia, Northern India, southeastern China, Malay peninsulas, the Philippines and Indonesia.

According to the map of the spread of fauna in Indonesia, cobra is widely spread in the western region of Indonesia. These snakes usually prefer to live in humid or aquatic ecosystems, especially near water bodies such as lakes and rivers.

How to Survive
Nowadays the existence of cobra serpent population decreases drastically. the main problem due to the large number of forest degradation and also the destruction of its natural habitat. In addition, the hunting of the blind makes the population decline is very drastic.
In an attempt to survive, cobras search for prey through the sense of smell. The sensors on the forked tongue can help him smell the scent of his prey. In addition, the eyesight of the cobra is also very sharp and its skin sensors are very sensitive to the vibration and movement of the prey.

The uniqueness of the Cobra Snake
Cobra is a snake that is very fond of eating other snakes. even he does not care whether the snake prey is venomous or not, all eaten. but when the cobra is not finding a snake as a prey, the cobra will usually hunt for lizards, birds, or mice.

Just like other snakes, the cobra will instantly swallow the whole prey round. The jaws of the cobra are very flexible with flexible ligament structures. In addition to the uniqueness of it, cobra also has a unique way of mating, namely by colliding with each other between male power to grab the female.

Cobras and Everyday Life
Cobras are very close to our daily lives. Some of the cobras we encounter are wild cobras, while some are cobras for the show. Usually the most street circuses use cobra snakes as part of the attraction.

In addition cobra can also be found in the food stalls as a culinary dish of sate, soup or oseng. In addition, the skin is widely used as a good bag accessories, jackets, clothes or shoes.

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