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Hope everyone's day has been a wonderful one. My daughters school started their biannual book fair today. We got up early to be there before school to help out. Such a great selection of books and a great way to get the children reading! Along with fun accessories such as erasers, bookmarks and pencils. I especially love the accessory table because some of the items are scented!! I love smells haha


Besides the normal errands that was pretty much my day. Now I'm relaxing at home with my babies waiting for Daddy to come home 💚


Speaking of babies there was one thing my post from yesterday was missing! I introduced you all the my human babies, but not my furry babies. I am the proud momma of two cats, five fish and part-time foster mom to 5 kittens. Two of which we will be adopting.


This is my oldest baby, Wakka. Yes he's name after Final Fantasy X Wakka 🤣. He was my first fur baby out of high school. He is 12 and I adopted him when he was just a few weeks old. He was originally adopted into a family who honestly could not handle another cat, borderline hoarder situation. He's just a big lap kitty!


This is Lulu. And yes she's named after Final Fantasy X Lulu. 🤣 We adopted her 11 years ago. She truly chose my husband as her human and honestly just tolerates other people, myself included. She's a very shy kitty but so sweet.


Who doesn't love fishies?! We have four guppies and one Betta. Our guppies names are Star Scream (transformers), Hei Hei (Moana), Scar (Lion King) and Guy Diamond (Trolls). They're a lively bunch, always swimming wildly around their aquarium


Our Bettas name is Princes Destiny Moana, named appropriately by my oldest daughter Cassie. She's not as lively as the guppies. She has quite the personality though. She stalks her fish flakes as if she hunting it, and always swims to the side of her aquarium when you walk into the room.


These are the kittens I've been fostering part-time. They were found with no mommy kitty, so I've been hand feeding them, just recently introduced wet food and the litter box! It's been fun!

The two we plan to adopt from this litter are a little brown girl and a black little boy. We thought the boy was a girl... But the vet visit today proved that to be incorrect! Haha we were going to name him Luna, may have to revisit that decision.

I've grown up with animals all my life. My mom was always the one to bring the strays home and my oldest sister is a biologist and also fosters. Growing up we had countless dogs, cats, chickens and horses. At one point my parents told me we had geese! Growing along side animals I believe shaped my personality and made me the empath that I am today. And why I believe wholeheartedly that we are equal to ALL the other beings of this planet, be they furry, scaly, this that or the other 😀


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Cats have been domesticated for half as long as dogs have been.


That's interesting! Thanks for sharing! Gonna follow you!

That was a lovely little read. Quite a family you have there. Beautiful 😍


Thank you very much! I will try to involve them in my blogging as much as possible. Especially to update on the foster kitties.

Wow! you've got quite a lot of furry babies. Also thanks for sharing a story on each one of them. :) Have fun doing what you do.


Thank you for reading my post :) I'll try to involve them in my posts as much as possible, and report updates on the foster kitties.


Cool. I will look forward to reading those. :)

Firstly how cute are your girls in that pic!!! Love love love 💚💯
Secondly look at you, natural blogger, love that you have Final Fantasy cats!! 😍


I completely missed this comment! 😯 I'm super sorry but thank you! All of our pets names are video game or anime related 🤣