The Good Cats

in #animal5 years ago

Good afternoon all steemit friends, hopefully more and more our day is increasing our good science and useful for others.


Kucing adalah salah satu hewan yang menggemaskan, biasanya hewan ini hidup di sekitar lingkungan kita, seperti di warung-warung, didepan rumah, di pasar dan lain sebagainya. and often we see these animals are also kept by humans.


Usually cats often come to us at the middle of eating, perhaps their presence is often considered disturbing, so it must be thrown out so that he will stay away from us.


Some of them may feed, but partly again even drive the cat because it is considered to interfere with his comfort. Whereas feeding God's creatures including cats is one of the good deeds. All the fortune that we get is not wholly have us, but there are other people's rights that we should spend. Let us do good to any of them.

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