breastfeeding is important

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Hello friends. How are you. wish you good health always.
this post was inspired by a cat who breastfed her three children. this photo is also a Lesson and Motivation for all of us.

actually a lot of benefits than on breastfeeding. benefits to the parent, the benefits to the child and the benefits of increasing social value.


we often hear mothers obliged to give exclusive breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding is breastfeeding without providing other foods in infants aged 0-6 months.
exclusive breastfeeding is also very beneficial for the mother. because it can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer.
with exclusive breastfeeding, will accelerate the healing process of a postpartum mother's womb.

benefits of breastfeeding for infants.
ation can perfect the baby's growth and development
can be a natural anti body for babies.

but I think the most important is the bonding between the mother and the child, because the mother can easily express love to him.
while breastfeeding. the language of love will be more beautiful and feel comfortable to be enjoyed between mother and child. Because the language of love and expression of affection is not something that can be engineered. This is an inner bond.


all these photos I took by using a camera mobile phone brand himax in the neighbor's house.
I hope my friends love it.

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These are lovely photos, it seems that you probably don't need to put some dubious facts in to bolster this.
I would like to put the responsibility back onto you to ensure that your claims are correct. Some of what you say is true, some, not so much. Maybe just clarify some of your points prior to posting.
Lovely photos, not great content.

Your feedback is very helpful to me. thank you for your attention.

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