The Uniqueness of Dragonfly With The Name of Animal Helicopter

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Hi friend steemit everything, come back with me @kajaya to discuss about insects with dragonflies type.


The presence of oddata is often overlooked because not many know that dragonflies are environmental indicators. . "His hope is growing concern for every living being that lives and plays a role in our lives," Tabita said.

Until now it can not be ascertained how many oddata in Indonesia. Research conducted by IDS still can not be sure how many exact numbers of odonata species in Indonesia. Tabita Makitan added, estimated there are 700 species in Indonesia. But not yet certain where the most found places dragonfly because during this time they just explore around the island of Java.


Indonesia itself does not have exact data on how many dragonflies are there and until now there is no expert dragonfly from Indonesia. "Hopefully this beginning can continue like many countries are already paying attention to dragonflies. Indonesia should have an interesting diversity of dragonflies as it includes a tropical region where dragonflies are present throughout the year and more diverse than non-tropical areas, "Tabita added.

Keeping the dragonfly very easy, one of them by not littering the river. In addition we can also create artificial habitat / pond for dragonflies. Currently, the habitat of dragonflies has been deprived even before we understand the role and benefits of dragonflies. Currently in various regions in Indonesia, many of the rice fields (especially in modern agriculture) are already dependent on pesticides. Dragonflies and other insects that can not stand are forced to leave. So also if the rivers are dirty. Dragonflies are reluctant to lay eggs at the site. While the habitat dragonflies that have been replaced with tall buildings also make a dragonfly just a story.


By keeping the environment naturally and not using and contaminating the environment with chemicals it will maintain the continuity of the life cycle. "The natural environment will certainly present dragonflies and other living things so there is a balance in them,"


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