Using animals for experiments is inhumane

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Most animals do not possess the same genetics, genes or hereditary as we humans. Animals such as rats, mice, fishes, rabbits and so on that are harmless are the ones commonly used for experiments, they are to be treated as our friends, pets but not scientists’ scapegoats for their experiments.
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Most scientist nowadays don’t give a damn about animals, they don’t care if they also have life or not, they don’t respect their feelings, they tend to forget that they are living things like we humans, in which all these are nothing other than cruelty and inhumanity and they must be stopped.

95% of the animals used for experiments are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) (an organization in charge of ensuring the safety and the protection of animals used in research laboratories) and in which most of these experiments are flawed hence, wasting the lives of numerous innocent animals.

There are several reasons to stop the use of animals for experiments in research laboratories but I’ll list and discuss only a handful of them.
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Reasons to stop animal testing includes the following-:
Its wasteful-: Experiments that involves the use of animal for testing elongates the suffering of people and shortens their cure as they wait for effective cures by deluding experimenters and lavishing scarce resources such as money, time etc that could have been used to develop other human-relevant researches.

It’s bad science-: Most experiments performed in research laboratories using animals for testing often results to being faulty, they are often void when used in humans. 92% of 100drugs that pass animal tests everyday fails in humans according to the Food and Drug Administration reports, in which this is far from being a good science.

Its archaic-: Using animals for testing in research laboratories during experiments is a research method that is way too obsolete in this 24th century. Non-animal research methods have been established and developed by proactive scientists which are humane, modern and effective.

Examples are human-patients’ simulators, human-based micro dosing, in vitro technology and other advanced computer modeling techniques (silico models) which are cheaper, faster, efficient, effective and more accurate than animal tests.

Considering these reasons and others that are not mentioned, animals should be protected and prevented from being abused and from being used as a subject for cruelty. Even GOD the creator of all things (both living and non-living), detest wasting of innocents lives of animals used for experiments, he told us to show them mercy instead of hurting them.

Though, solution and cures must be found in order to combat different diseases roaming the street but not necessarily at the cost of lives of innocent animals and as well as the cost of human lives.

All thanks to the developed innovation in science, several alternatives have been developed to eradicate the use of lives of animals for experiments and a handful of them includes-:
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Cell structures-: Scientist have managed to wheedle cells to grow into 3D structures such as infinitesimal human organs (organs-on-chips) since almost every type of human and animal cell can be grown in the laboratory. These can be used instead of animals to provide a more realistic way to test new therapies, study biological and disease processes and also drug metabolism.

Human tissues-: Tissues donated from surgeries (both healthy and diseased) from volunteers can be used to create a more effective way in which human biology and diseases can be studied rather than using animals.

Computer models-: Due to the great advancement of technology, computer models of parts of the body such as lungs, kidney, heart etc can be used to carry out virtual experiments based on existing data and information.

Other alternatives include volunteer studies, human medical breakthroughs, human-patients’ stimulators and so on, in which all these have greatly reduced the mass wasting of lives of innocent animals all in the name of experiments.

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