Animal Macrophotography (ant)

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Good evening all steemians.
On this night I want to share a post about ants. Ants are all insects of the members of the tribe of Formicidae, the Hymenoptera. Ants have more than 12,000 species (species), mostly living in the tropics. Most of the ants are known as social insects, with their colonies and regular nests consisting of thousands of ants per colony. Members of the colony are divided into worker ants, male ants, and queen ants. There may also be a group of guard ants. One colony can dominate a large area to support their lives. Ant colonies are sometimes called "superorganisms" because of their colonies that form a unity. Ant
despite its relatively small body size, but the ants are among the strongest of the strongest. because the male ants are able to sustain the load more than its weight. And I photograph this ant in one of the flower plants like the one in the picture below. Thank you for visiting this post.



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