Peacock, One Of The Most Beautiful Birds In The World

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Who is not fascinated when looking at it ? Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world that has beautiful feathers. As it spreads its wings, there are colorful spheres. If you look longer, the sphere is like the eyeballs. Try approaching and notice each piece of fur.

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Actually, the beautiful feathers are just a fine feather with no color. Uniquely, when the fur blends and blooms, look different colors. Moreover, you see it from a distance, more amazing beauty.

Peacocks hunt in the woods, This group of animals is found in mainland India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. But now their existence is almost extinct, Peacocks can only be seen in wildlife sanctuaries or nature reserves. That also lived some kind of course, such as green peacock, peacock blue, and peacock congo.

Secret Peacock Feather

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During this time, the fur is considered as a symbol of beauty alone without knowing the meaning hidden in it. But, actually peacock feathers have many functions. One of its functions, namely to protect it from enemy attacks. When there is an enemy, the peacock will open its feathers. Then, appearing spheres resemble eyeballs, At that time, the peacemak enemies will feel confronted with hundreds of peacock eyes. In fact, only one bird faced the enemy.

This eyeball phenomenon occurs because of the ability of small hairs that reflect light. The light reflected by the hair turns into a long wave consisting of several colors. Then, it forms a small, eye-like sphere.

Male Peacocks

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Did you know, only a male peacock who likes to show off his tail feathers. The male peacock's tail will open wide during the breeding season. Male peacocks race to show off the beauty of their tail to attract the attention of the opposite sex. When blooming, the peacock tail feathers form a fan with fine, beautifully colored fibers.

Female Peacocks

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The female peacock has a smaller body size than the male peacock. The female peacock hairs are brownish-green. Just like a male peacock, peacock female also has a beautiful crown on its head. Female peacocks dont like the noise. When laying eggs, peacocks will bring their eggs to a quiet place and safe from predatory attacks. However, peacocks can only lay eggs once a year.

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