mungan that caught by citizens

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mungan that caught by citizens

hay best friend steemit,
On this occasion I want to share about the civet found in yesterday's citizens mlm and I share about the characteristics of civet-ciriny about who knows there is a need and this article will be useful for those who are looking for traits of weasel species. Hopefully an article about the characteristics of my weasels we share below can help.
The Weasel Characteristics is


  1. Have a gray hair (gray) or black.
  2. Have a pair of eyes that glow when in a dark place.
  3. Has a long tail.
  4. Included in mammals.
  5. Have sharp nails that work to climb trees.
    6Have a sharp pair of ears.
  6. Have sharp teeth that serve to tear food.
  7. Has a pointy nose.
  8. There is a mustache on both cheeks (like a cat).
  9. Active at night.
  10. Has a larger body size than a regular cat.
  11. Stay or nest in a dark place.
    That is the characteristic characteristics weasel we can share for beloved cyberspain friend. Hopefully characteristic of this weasel species can be useful and useful for steemiy friends

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