Characteristics, Habitat, and Food of Sumatran Tigers

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The Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) is a tiger subspecies whose original habitat on the island of Sumatra, is one of six tiger subspecies that survive to date and is included in the classification of critically endangered species
Sumatran tiger food depends where it lives and how abundant its prey. As the main predators in the food chain, tigers preserve wild populations of prey under their control, so the balance between prey and vegetation they eat can be maintained. They have very keen sense of hearing and vision, which makes it a very efficient hunter. The Sumatran tiger is a solitary animal, and they hunt at night, staking their prey patiently before attacking from behind or side.
Sumatran tigers have the darkest color among all other tiger subspecies, the black pattern is wide and the distance is dempet.Harian tiger is only found on the island of Sumatra. These big cats can live anywhere, from lowland forests to mountain forests, and live in many unprotected places.


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