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Hi Friends Steemit all met again with me @ doleno in the evening with a post from the type of insect that is the type of dragonfly.



This type of dragonfly is seen to have many colors and unique and beautiful sizes that live in alam.Dengan different body color different from its parent type, and today post with black yellow dragonflies, I can get some pictures that live in nature in my area.**


The size and color of the dragonfly

The size of this dragonfly has a beautiful yellow and black body color, seen to have wings to fly in the journey of life in nature at all times. And have legs that fit the size of his body, as well as two antennas, which are excellent in complementing his perfection.

Not everyone knows about the body parts of dragonflies though this one animal is often encountered in everyday life. Dragonflies are one of the most amazing types of flying insects. In fact, dragonfly became its own inspiration in the creation of helicopter flying transport.

Like other living things, dragonflies have interesting body parts to learn. Broadly speaking, the dragonfly has three main body parts, namely the head, chest (thorax), and abdomen (abdomen). In each of these parts, there are other body parts of the dragonflies that make them able to survive.


Dragonflies have a type of mouth bite and chew. The shape of his mouth helps the dragonfly in biting and destroying its food.

The head of a dragonfly always looks more rounded and prominent than any other body part. In this head there are some important dragon organs, here's an example:

**The dragonfly eyes are large round and look prominently, and the dragonfly eye belongs to the compound eye category. With this eye, the dragonfly can look in all directions that are very useful to protect itself from enemy or predator attack.


Thanks for supporting my post about the life of insects in nature, greetings to all the crypto friends on this Steemit platform hope we can always continue the day to day activities beautifully.

Thanks for all,,, Greeting Succes.


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