Cockatiel: Eye and Bruise Home Made Remedy

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Hi everyone! Just thought I’d share this remedy my parents made for our cockatiel.


A few years back he got some kind of stroke, one of his wings was drooping and it looked like he was in pain too. We brought it to the vet, and to our surprise he didn’t even do a close examination, just kind of looked at it and said, “Oh it’s nothing, I can’t see anything”. So we paid $80 just to hear that!

We got home and my dad lifted its wing, and he could see what looked like a small bruise underneath. My parents love natural home made remedies, strange concoctions that boil slowly and stink, but more often than not are very efficient. My mom looked into her natural remedies book – for humans! – but confident that the mixtures would be able to help the little creature as well.

The Plants We Used For The Cockatiel’s Remedy:
So they made this tincture for the little bird: yarrow, fennel, and common sweet flag. They applied it several times a day, and little by little he got better. So happy!

Later on when he got an eye infection, we treated it with walnut leaf tea.

Our cockatiel’s wing started drooping again after some time though, and now we were sure it was a stroke just by the way it was hanging almost lifeless-like. We couldn’t fix that unfortunately, but he’s still alive and happy, and he’s at least 10 years old 🙂

Since all of that happened, I firmly believe that there is some healing power in plants that could help not only us humans, but also all other living beings. Cockatiels and all other animals we take in deserve to also be well taken care of. Anyone that has a pet has the responsibility to offer it food and shelter, and lots of love.

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