My photography - Bumblebee (Original)

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Many people are afraid of Bumblebee, Bumblebee discharge of the venom is a strong corrosive enzyme, can break down the body tissues, it is stabbed, it is easy to poison shock, but they do not take the initiative to attack humans, I was very close to them in the shooting, but the Hornet flight action is very fast, difficult to capture the lens, together to enjoy close-up shooting


许多人害怕大黄蜂, 大黄蜂排出的毒液是一种腐蚀力极强的酶,能够分解人体组织,被它刺中,很容易中毒休克, 但是它们并不主动攻击人类, 我在拍摄时很接近它们,只是大黄蜂的飞行动作非常快,难以捕获镜头, 这也是一次最危险的拍摄,一起来欣赏近距离的拍摄

Hope you like!

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nice macro pictures

great Job...pretty macro shots..

Great photos, upvoted - but there is no bumble bee, only wasps and a fly. :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Looks like a Wasp that would have no problem stinging the heck out of me. Followed and Upvoted.

Very nice bee photo

Nice! In some photos you can see the three little extra eyes on the top of its head.

Very good close up shots. Even without the bees, they are nice.