ha ha ha ha ha, what a capture @asmolokalo thanks for great share.

duck was try to fly haha

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This duck looks fabulous

Guess duck is having a facy tail...
I guess she is model of her specie...😂

ducks have amazing quality, they are tasty too 😋

Haha. The right charge, very relevant, we have just the morning. :))

Wow that's really amazing photography and the way you capture its cool you are really good photographer

duck very funny

hahaha very nice duck

Yea, duck always do that even when they are closer to a water, duck still stretch to drink from it

The duck looking funny.

Finally you are back with some posts!! And again some good funny shots. I like this stretching Duck, preparing himself for a deep dive into the "pool" :-)

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How is everything friend?

duck want to fly heheh

a clever duck so nice

What a duck really nice

Really a nice duck

Great shot nice duck

Super shot amazing duck

Super shot nice duck

Amazing shot really nice

Stronger duck look super tnx for share

Great cuptur tnx for share

Grerat photo nice duck good cullection..

Always i like duck tnx for share

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i like your duck really super

Lol that's hillarious

These duck found water and ready to flying....:D

So funny duck.
My duck go to gym for showing his fitness.


Wow so impressive duck fitness
Great selection @asmolokalo.

What a fantastic photography of duck.
Most stunning my mindset.

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Haha. She will now dive into the basin :))

It's so beautiful. Duck is adding beauty to the nature.

ha ha, what a capture @asmolokalo thanks for great share.

This is a capture of the moment lol. This is so nice , duck flexing out muscles lol

Ha ha..
Is the duck heating up?

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haha really crazy animal.

The duck was tired
soooo funy..

Duck Fitness


Hello @asmolokalo,

Extraordinary good & funny photography of Duck Fitness.


"Back off or i will kick you in the face" say's the Duck.

Duck taste very nice.Also looks very nice.Duck roast is a very popular all over the world.

duck want to fly sky! good timing photography!! thanks to shared :) hahahaha

wonderful post, thanks for sharing

Hahaha this picture captured amazing picture right at the moment when duck was trying to fly 😂

stretch at its best 😍

he he he really really funny dark fitness photo sir....just go ahead and make fun ...

Duck is my best phylum Aves!
I love the creature so much.
Thanks for sharing


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the duck is Very funny...hahahaha. His expression is really funny...Best funny gif. thanks to shared..

Lol. Now warm-up, and then swim in the basin :))

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What a capture ..really very intresting post sir

Excellent duck...
Wonderfully fun...

This Duck is a Fitness Freak


Bro it's a rare photography. It's hard to find Duck in Peeing Dog formation :D


duck was try to fly haha😁


Very beautiful duck

Nice durk .....

rob super smash bros

This reminds me of...

He he lol🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔
#upvote and #resteem duck duckwalk.gif

Lol man
Freakin funny

duck was try to fly haha

This duck looks fabulous

Super shot nice duck

So nice......
And funny also.....

Guess duck is having a facy tail...

hahaha very nice duck

rob super smash bros

a clever duck so nice

Great cuptur tnx for share

he he he really really funny dark fitness photo sir....just go ahead and make fun ...

It is their yoga pose...

Guess duck is having a facy tail...