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How to Control Anger

Have you ever been so angry you couldn’t see straight?
Have you felt like taking it out on anyone who happened to be available, like the dog, a spouse or child? These are good times to back off and control your anger. Once we control it, we can channel it into successful problem-solving.
Anger can vary from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. As with all emotion, bodily changes go with it – heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up as our body is prepared for “fight or flight” (to get away).
Anger can be caused by reacting to things outside us such as other people or events (such as the traffic jam) or by worrying over our own personal problems. Upsetting memories from the past can lead to angry thoughts and feelings. It is important to note that it is not people or events that make you angry it is your reaction to them that makes you angry.
People tend to have similar thoughts happening over and over again when angry, for example:
• “He is so stupid”
• “You’re making a fool of me”
• “You’re selfish”
• “I want to hurt you”
• “I hate this place”

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