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The whole world is on to you, @rogerkver and @dollarvigilante. The entire, global #Bitcoin community KNOWS you are……

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Bitcoin transaction are at ~5 sat per byte these days and that's without Coinbase using segwit.
BCH in itself is just a neutral crypto but the people pumping it and it's devs are toxic conmans.

To me they are on the same level as Bitconnect when they claim BCASH is bitcoin.

BCC was just a cryptocurrecy, the people behind it, fraudsters, same thing with BCH.

They are conning a lot of new people to invest in BCH as if it's bitcoin. Having full control of r/btc and

For example mobile wallet was defaulting to BCH for example, a lot of people lost BTC that way.

I'm sure Steem could have provided a sane platform to have a discourse about that whole debacle.

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BCH hasn't been doing too well compared to BTC for quite some time. I didn't know they try to "turn it into" Bitcoin. @andyhoffman what was the date/time?

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Yes, dishonest use of goodwill and branding. The problem of an unregulated market

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Andy_Hoffman_CG Andy Hoffman (#HODLBTC) tweeted @ 27 Jan 2018 - 14:48 UTC

MY JUST TAPED SPECIAL CRYPTO AUDIOBLOG..."#Bitcoin Community, Unite Against BCash!"...… /

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Where is all the BCH?
Where is mine?
I didn't get any because I took my BTC off the exchange.
Strikes me some crooks at the exchanges supporting BCH are hoarding it!

Roger Ver is clearly a crook and surprisingly has co-opted Jeff Berwick into giving him a platform.

As a merchant I simply do not accept Bcash. Litecoin already serves the present need for fast and cheap...and decentralized.

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