The Only Cryptocurrency That Will NEVER Have A Scaling Problem

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For two years, Bitcoin endured a “scaling debate” so bitter, it nearly split the network. Or so it was believed, until the reality that “competitors” like BCash – let alone, those abandoned in the competitive process, like Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Unlimited, and SegWit 2X; were merely bad Bitcoin clones, with ZERO communal support, and ZERO ability to usurp material hash rate.

That said, Bitcoin still requires intense debate about scaling, given its goal of being digital gold and; in some way, shape, or form; a functioning transactional currency. Now that SegWit, the spoil of the victory over “big-blockers” and bad political actors, has been activated, scaling is being achieved at a breakneck pace that even its most optimistic supporters have been taken aback by. Only due to the massive size, and cumulative brilliance, of the global Bitcoin community is this possible – which I assure you, cannot, and will not be replicated for the foreseeable future; or, in a true Bitcoin Maximalist world, ever.

For Ethereum, scaling issues are on the verge of erupting, given that its current business model is not viable over the long-term - while at BCash, no scaling debate is necessary…because material on-chain scaling is IMPOSSIBLE. To the contrary, BCash’s principal issues, in my very strong view, have little to do with how it grows…but whether it survives! As for the rest, no other altcoin is even remotely close to a scaling debate – because like BCash, no one uses them; nor, in the case of 95%-plus, will they ever.

That said, there is one altcoin that not only has a viable, long-term use case that cannot be subsumed by Bitcoin; but, due to its nature, will NEVER be subjected to a scaling debate. That cryptocurrency, scheduled to start trading in early April – after the final claiming process ends March 31st – is BRhodium.

When mining commences in April, of the mere one million units that will take a century to be uncovered, BRhodium will have as many scaling bells and whistles as any other cryptocurrency. However, given that its ONLY use case will be digital gold – or better put, “digital Rhodium” – it will likely be held far more tightly then even Bitcoin, via a movement I deem BRODLing. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if “BRod” is the least transacted of all cryptocurrencies; held in cold storage for the long-term - largely, by wealthy Bitcoiners with no intention of selling it for years, if not decades.

The way I view it, BRhodium will be viewed as “Elite Bitcoin” - held only by the wealthiest investors, and those who want to be, in the same manner that only the wealthiest stock investors can afford Berkshire Hathaway stock…which currently, trades for $320,000 per share.

Thus, those who own BRhodium will care less about scaling than any other cryptocurrency – with good reason, as like Berkshire Hathaway, its holders will be more concerned with passing it to their descendants than selling it in the open market.


Andy_Hoffman_CG Andy Hoffman (#HODLBTC) tweeted @ 28 Jan 2018 - 14:54 UTC

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Andy_Hoffman_CG Andy Hoffman (#HODLBTC) tweeted @ 14 Jan 2018 - 13:20 UTC

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