9/23 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): Final Claim Period Signifies Imminent BRhodium Launch!

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For nine months, I have reported on the development of what I expect to be one of the most successful altcoins yet, BRhodium. To me, its launch will be perfectly timed – as per this morning’s article, I believe the current, altcoin-led rally signifies the arrival of the next stage of the cryptocurrency revolution…and the revelation that the DIGITAL AGE is here, to steal HUGE market share from legacy financial markets.


As discussed in this morning’s Bitcoin to the Moon article…


…and the 30+ articles I have written this year, as compiled in the below Tweet, I believe BRhodium’s developers, over the course of 10 months, have created the perfect altcoin – which in my view, will be desirable to retail and institutional investors alike.


Per the below Tweet from BRhodium’s ANONYMOUS developers, this week’s claim period is ONLY for Bitcoin holders who registered non-zero bearing public BTC addresses BEFORE the original January deadline, but either missed the claim period or didn’t properly complete the claim process.

Thus, you cannot register for BRhodium now, or claim it if you properly registered but did not save your electronic signatures during the January or March claim periods. That said, if you are one of the few people eligible to claim this week, please contact me at [email protected], as I can help you do so.


After the last chance claim period ends September 29th, the Main Net will be launched shortly thereafter…after which, trading on at least one major exchange will be introduced. I have made it very clear, for some time, that I expect it to be worth at least as much as BGold and BDiamond – which have roughly 18 million and 180 million “shares outstanding,” compared to my estimate of BRhodium’s initial, tightly-held float of roughly 750,000. Do the math!


BRhodium’s development journey, through the minefield of difficult market conditions, has been a blessing in disguise - enabling its (English-speaking) developers to create the “perfect altcoin” whilst “competing” altcoin development all but died. In the coming weeks, I will be interviewing one of them – anonymously, of course - to let them tell their story, just before the launch of what I expect to be one of the most exciting altcoin stories of 2019…and perhaps, beyond.


Exciting times, with Bitcoin Rhodium set to launch. It will be huge and take many in the crypto space by surprise. Upvoted and resteemed.

I guess I missed it.

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