4/24 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium – The First “Investment Grade Altcoin”

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On today’s 1-on-1 podcast, starting at the 43-minute mark, JW Weatherman grilled me as to why I believe BRhodium will succeed - given his view that all altcoins are Bitcoin competitors that will ultimately be destroyed.


The gist of my argument; aside from the fact that tens of trillions of legacy assets will migrate to crypto, driving hundreds of altcoins’ prices higher; is that unlike the political, social, and monetary phenomenon that is Bitcoin, BRhodium is a financial instrument offering a “use case” wealthy investors will covet, and small investors will desire as a status symbol.


In other words, BRhodium will be an attractive security, as opposed to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin – which, in many ways, is its “patron saint.” In other words, confidence in BRhodium will be fueled by confidence in Bitcoin…not as a means of changing the world, but yielding extraordinary investment gains. To that end, BRhodium was so brilliantly conceived – enabling Bitcoin whales to be the principal holders – it could become the “Berkshire Hathaway of cryptocurrency.”


Which, as I discussed yesterday, would make it a “shoo-in” to trade at a higher valuation than all prior Bitcoin crypto-dividends – and potentially one day, BCash itself.


To that end, the inspiration for this article is a comment in BRhodium’s Discord chat room, from someone suggesting it will be the “first investment grade coin, made (principally) for investment purposes.” Which, the way I see it, is the perfect description of what BRhodium’s anonymous developers aimed to create; i.e, a secure, private, scarce, high-priced cryptocurrency with all of Bitcoin’s best attributes - that high net worth investors - and eventually, institutions; will consider the Digital Age version of an “investment grade” security - which in turn, should yield a premium valuation relative to most altcoins.

Only in crypto – or should I say, only if you are a Bitcoin holder – can such an incredible opportunity pose itself…for FREE. Keep your eye out for BRhodium’s trading launch in the coming weeks – as in my view, it will be the hottest “crypto IPO” of 2018.


So the thinking here is that the lack of liquidity will create a higher value? That would be great assuming there are bids for it. Berkshire has bids (PPT bids but bids nonetheless).

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