3/23 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): MimbleWimble Is The Next “Big Thing” – And Thanks To The VISION Of Its Founder, MWC Will Enable Bitcoin Holders To Benefit

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MWC’s founder, @chrisgilliard, is making my role as Marketing Consultant of this revolutionary coin MUCH easier. The reason being, that unlike 99% of cryptos, he is concisely, and regularly communicating his thoughts - in layman’s terms - to the crypto community.

Check out the MWC website (link below), where all of these articles are posted and discussed. If you do, you’ll realize why MimbleWimble IS the future of blockchain technology – and why, “maximalist” or not, you’d be crazy not to register for the upcoming registration (starting April 20th) for the free MWC airdrop to Bitcoin holders.

Today, he bared his soul in a manner I have done many times – to let you know how he got involved in technology, coding, Bitcoin, and MWC. Reading his articles is like building a mosaic, to understand why MimbleWimble is so revolutionary; why MWC will be the best way to profit from it; and why its dev team is as dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable as any in crypto.


Stay tuned, as the MWC airdrop registration begins April 20th, ahead of the July 19th snapshot. For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, and
Twitter feed.





Thanks for the heads up on this one @andyhoffman, I missed the BRhodium so I will not be missing this one.

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