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With the Cryptocurrency market stabilizing after January’s decline – with King Bitcoin pinned around $11,000 like a magnet, as its fundamentals strengthen with each passing day; it couldn’t be a better time for a quality cryptodividend to launch.

Frankly, ANY time would be good for a QUALITY cryptodividend – as in hindsight, the lot thus far have been pretty sorry. The reason being, that simply forking off Bitcoin doesn’t constitute a use case, particularly those that cannot be safely split.

The only two that can, BCash and BGold, are destined to continue falling against Bitcoin - just as the dozen or so others that Trezor, Ledger, and major exchanges won’t split. The former, because it is an epically overpriced scam, that theoretically could implode; and the latter, because its “use case” was obsolete mere weeks after launch.

Assuming the crypto market remains stable, we’ll shortly see how investors value cryptodividends in the post altcoin crash environment. My contention is that after being burned so badly in January, investors will be far more discerning in what they buy. Consequently, I believe they will be very skeptical of BPrivate…which may not be safely splittable; was created under the dubious circumstance of an epic ZClassic pump and dump; and whose lead developer is a BCash apostle, who actually wanted to prevent non-SegWit addresses from receiving it. Moreover, I fail to see a viable long-term use case – or frankly, anything that discerns it from ZCash, Monero, or other privacy coins; other than the huge marketing budget it appears to have, and massive Twitter following.


Conversely, the BRhodium AIRDROP has progressed steadily but surely through its development phase, with none of the hype and nothing but results from its developers; who have been extremely helpful in the BRod Discord community, in helping investors through the claiming process, and keeping them updated with a roadmap that thus far has been followed to a tee.

Most importantly, BRhodium has a viable long-term use case – as with just 2.1 million to ever be mined (half of it, over the next 100 years), it is effectively a “leveraged Bitcoin scarcity” play, that I expect to be viewed as “Elite Bitcoin.”


Today was a HUGE day in BRhodium’s development, as the countdown to its trading launch – per the roadmap, later this month – was rapidly accelerated by two major events. First, its block explorer was launched, which you can view here.


Which is very active, I might add, because the final claiming period commenced this afternoon, after management kept its promise to enable those who failed to save signatures of registered BTC addresses to try again…myself included. This claiming period will not be indefinite, so if you haven’t yet created your wallet and claimed your BTR at the BRhodium website, you’d better do it quick – as in my view, this AIRDROP, which does not require splitting by wallets or exchanges, will be the second most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of price per unit, trailing only King Bitcoin.


In other words, the countdown to launch has started of what I believe will eventually be the highest valued – in terms of market capitalization, not price per unit – cryptodividend of all, BRhodium.


Andy_Hoffman_CG Andy Hoffman (#HODLBTC) tweeted @ 12 Jan 2018 - 16:19 UTC

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Andy_Hoffman_CG Andy Hoffman (#HODLBTC) tweeted @ 14 Jan 2018 - 13:20 UTC

  1. MY LATEST BRHODIUM ARTICLE, "BRhodium – An “Elite Class of Bitcoin”...
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Thanks for the update. Good work as always

Hi, great post, worth a follow. Looking forward to some more of your stuff.

Please check your facts Andy. THERE IS NO BLOCKEXPLORER. What you see is are static numbers on a webpage. We have no mining available (trust me, I'm ready to mine asap), no pools, no guides, no algorithm has been confirmed = NO BLOCK EXPLORER.