2/13 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium – Take Advantage of the “Post-Listing Overhang”

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From the MainNet launch in late October until year-end, BRhodium (XRC) rose from .0005 BTC, or roughly $3/XRC, to a high of nearly .008 BTC, or $30/XRC. OTC trading volume was huge – which I was well-aware of, as a major participant.

Bisq trading commenced in early December, but the real excitement was about the upcoming exchange listings in mid-January – on p2pb2p; Sistemkoin; and hopefully, others. To that end, I cannot tell you how many potential sellers – most of them, Bitcoin maximalists who received XRC in the airdrop - said they wanted to “wait and see” what happened upon exchange listing.

The problem being, that not only did a nice Bitcoin rally (to nearly $4,400) turn out to be another major head fake; with the price falling roughly $1,000, taking all of crypto with it; but when trading opened, Sistemkoin had some minor technical issues that caused investors to panic further - which ultimately, were resolved within a day or two.

That said, after a big run-up into a progressively weakening crypto market, unquestionably much of those “waiting for exchange” – who had little interest in the story (let alone, OTC trading) – started selling; and in the weak crypto market, haven’t stopped, compounding the typical selling of short-term profit-seeking miners. Consequently, the price has been stuck around .001 BTC, or roughly $3.50/XRC, since p2pb2p and Sistemkoin trading started in the 3rd week of January.

The good news is, as I’ve written in numerous articles, there’s a massive amount of buy interest at .0005 BTC – from “BRODLers”; “Strong Hands” dividend-seekers; and others who have followed this fantastic project, run by a group of the “good, smart people” of crypto.

At current prices, the “post-listing overhang” could get absorbed pretty quickly – as all it would take would be a few people panic-selling at .0005 BTC, where massive amounts of the incredibly scarce XRC float can be bought for a handful of Bitcoin.

Remember, altcoins are a risky investment. However, for those seeking one of the most honest, unique projects in the space – at a time when crypto sentiment, and valuations, are as low as we’ve seen in some time; BRhodium’s “post-listing overhang” yields, in my view, one of the best opportunities.

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or XRC OTC trading, please email me at [email protected], or DM/PM me on Twitter or Discord.

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