12/03 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): Major BRhodium Project Updates Further Establish Its Unique Use Case

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While Bitcoin remains mired in a “Hash War” with Faketoshi and Bitmain that may continue indefinitely, BRhodium’s development team is methodically building what I believe will be one of the most valuable altcoins of the coming decade.

Since January’s airdrop, “BRod’s” anonymous, English-speaking team has built a unique, non-forked blockchain; in the process, creating what appears to be a viable, sustainable use case - as a highly sought after INVESTMENT, in a DECENTRALIZED asset with an extremely tight float and some of cryptocurrencies’ most valuable features… like scarcity, anonymity, and an investor base composed principally of Bitcoin whales. Not to mention, a mining algorithm (X13) with little competition, as far from the SHA256 Hash Wars as possible. So, to “Bitcoin Maximalists” stuck in the middle of “Hash War Limbo,” I encourage you to take a look at what BRhodium offers, while prices are still trading at a huge pre-launch liquidity discount.

For the past year, I have been privileged to be part of the growing BTR community – which as you can see on its Discord channel, is thriving.


Since MainNet launch six weeks ago, hundreds of new members have joined, with lively discussions about mining, markets, and trading – including a very active OTC market, which you can observe by the amount of BTR changing hands on the blockchain. Nearly 8,500 blocks have been found so far, as BTR’s mining community continues to broaden.


This morning, MAJOR project updates were disseminated on the BRhodium website, involving an updated roadmap and exciting new features that further establish BTR’s use case - discerning it from all other altcoins, as it rapidly approaches exchange listing.


Regarding the roadmap, a listing on the Bisq decentralized trading platform is anticipated this month, followed by a “major exchange” in 1Q 2019. The reason the Bisq listing is so valuable is twofold, as 1) its decentralization personifies BTR’s ethos -to be followed by coded anonymity features in 2Q 2019 ; and 2) when combined with the exchange listing, it will qualify to be listed on coinmarketcap.com.

Additionally, the BTR Electrum wallet will be released this month – which yesterday, I was able to successfully beta test. Moreover, once exchange listing is achieved, negotiations will commence with hardware wallet providers to gain their support – particularly, Ledger.

Moreover, not one, but FOUR forward-looking investment features were added – starting with the “Crypto Trinity” philosophy to be marketed to potential investors, of how BRhodium aims to peacefully co-exist with the only other cryptocurrencies with store-of-value properties, Bitcoin and Litecoin. And with it, the facilitation of peer-to-peer BTR and Precious Metals trading – again, to highlight BRhodium’s store-of-value focus.

Next, an extraordinary feature, unique in the entire crypto ecosystem, for a coin aiming to foster a strong “BRODLing” community. I.e., the “Strong Hands” program, created to award “crypto-dividends” to long-term BTR holders. In which, BTR balances that do not decline will be rewarded with additional BTR at year end – via a distribution formula that increases rewards when large amounts are moved, and decreases them little is sold across the entire BRhodium community (which in turn, yields higher BTR prices).

In a world where essentially no other cryptocurrency offers dividends, this is a brilliant stroke – particularly when one considers that the BTR payouts do not emanate from increased supply (capped at 2.1 million, with an initial supply closer to 0.75 million), but the 257,000 unclaimed BTR that were initially to be distributed to “supporters” of cryptocurrency…but now, instead, “Strong Hand” BRODLers.

As BRhodium rapidly approaches its public listing – and per the roadmap, release of its code to the public; it is becoming increasingly noticed by the cryptocurrency community – not just for its own, unique merits, but in the context of a Bitcoin environment characterized by SHA 256 Hash Wars that weaken its investment thesis until its resolution.

As a career financial markets expert, I have been shocked at how little attention has been paid to crypto’s INVESTMENT aspects – particularly the Bitcoin community, despite the huge amount of capital and manpower invested in it. In my view, BRhodium is by itself, evolving the altcoin community by introducing a degree of financialization and professional marketing not seen elsewhere in crypto – which is exactly what I have sought to identify at CryptoGoldCentral.com.

The fact that it was received by “BRODLers” for FREE, in a SAFE airdrop that requires ZERO exchange or wallet support, is an added bonus. Not to mention, the fact that pre-launch OTC prices represent perhaps the best reward/risk profile I have ever come across in my career - valuing BRhodium’s market cap at roughly $3 million, versus $150 and $300 million, respectively, for the comically inferior, patently useless Bitcoin forks BDiamond and BGold.

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected]

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