1/02 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): The Best Opportunity Of My Lifetime…BRhodium!

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Wise people respect experience, be it good or bad – which in the crypto community, is sorely lacking. To that end, those mocking my 30 years financial market experience are doing themselves a disservice, given my track record of having identified the top of the dotcom bubble, the bottom of the 2000s Precious Metal bull market, the early 2016 Bitcoin bottom…and thus far, the FREE BRhodium airdrop that, since MainNet launched nine weeks ago, has risen from $3 to nearly $30.

This, without having yet been listed on a single exchange, other than the decentralized Bisq platform - which, as it turns out, is a wonderful, increasingly liquid price discovery tool. Yes, the p2pB2b exchange listing is imminent – by January 14th the latest; however, BRhodium clearly still trades at a “pre-IPO” discount – with a market cap of just $20 million, compared to useless dog turds like BGold, BDiamond, Super Bitcoin, Lightning Bitcoin, and LOL, Bprivate…against which, it trades at discounts of 91%, 85%, 48%, 41%, and 36%, respectively.

Hash rate reached an all-time high earlier this week – as did the price, community size, and outlook. Clearly, the word is spreading – and no one is more aware than I, having been there from Day 1 last December, and following – and heavily promoting – the story throughout the project’s nascent stages, amidst the backdrop of the worst-ever crypto crash.

From someone who was in Bitcoin earlier than 99% of all investors; and BRhodium, all but its anonymous developers; I am saying with a straight face that BRhodium’s upside potential, in percentage terms, as at least as much as Bitcoin’s – DESPITE having already risen from $3 to $30. Moreover, if indeed crypto is bottoming – which given Bitcoin’s steadily climbing hash rate, I believe to be the case – the gains as the world understands BRhodium’s unique use case could be on a par with what Bitcoin generated in its early, early days.

By year-end, I expect BRhodium to be listed on a dozen well-known exchanges, and completely dominate the X13 mining algorithm. And as more investors realize it is one of the few altcoins to have a viable, defensible use case – having risen from the ashes of all that was wrong with crypto in 2017 – I expect it to become a top ten coin on coinmarketcap.com…ultimately, exceeding BCash, SV, and many of the useless “platforms” atop the CMC charts.

Yes, BRhodium’s risk is greater than Bitcoin’s, by a significant amount. However, given how far it’s operationally progressed, that risk is FAR less than even a few months ago. From a risk/reward standpoint, thus, I view it as the best financial opportunity of my lifetime – on a par with Bitcoin three years ago, when I started aggressively pounding the table on it at $425.

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected], or DM/PM me on Twitter or Discord.

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