3 beginner Android app tutorial to get you started

in android •  6 months ago

My preferred Android build is using hybrid, but I find that it's easier to teach people about creating Android apps when it's being developed natively. So for beginners, I'll usually introduce them to the basic user interfaces and just a little bit of coding, so that they can at least be able to compare the experience of building a mobile app versus building a desktop app or a website.

The following free tutorials are my go-to reference for beginner Android app development, and I build my own customised tutorial based on them.

1) Udacity's Android Development for Beginners

This is an excellent module developed by people from Google itself. I used this a few times for my activities under Google Developer Group. We have Study Jams that we run every year, and I hope to run another Android app making for beginners sometime this year. This tutorial is part of a taster for Udacity's Nanodegree programme for Android Development.
My son loves this course, and was able to build his first Android app at 15 years old. That was two years ago. I'm really proud of him.

2) Udemy's Android for Beginners

I go through this as a refresher after going through the more extensive tutorials on Udacity. This one is definitely shorter time period to complete compared to Udacity, but I think you might get a little lost and frustrated especially if you totally have no background in programme or even design understanding of a web app's elements.

You should try this tutorial if you have proficient computer skills; proficient in this context means that you are more than just an advanced computer user.

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