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We released a new version of Steemeum for Android with several improvements related to the usability of the app and the overall appearance, a total new feature is added, a leaderboard, that will improve competitivity and engagement. And several smaller improvements where made.

The following new features and improvements where made:



When the users press or swipes to the Rankings and statistics screen, a leaderboard is shown where users can see there and other users there mined time in seconds. User that are not running the app at that moment are displayed grayed out, this is a visual way to notify the active users that those positions can be taken.

On the top right of the Rankings and statistics panel is the users current position shown.


In the previous version this screen was not yet fully worked out and shows the current STEEM and SBD price, this is now still shown in this screen, but less prominent on the top left of the panel, because it needed to make place for the leaderboard.


Steemeum's new leaderboard where the user can see there and other users there postion.



Something that took more time than expected is the problem we thought we had with Steemconnect, and with using just the posting key, but after getting in touch on the Steemdev discord channel Steemconnect it became clear thanks to the help of several users in the Steemconnect channel that it is not possible to use just the posting key for the scope we are using.


Back button

For some users, mostly the first time users, they would press the back button when they would want to use other apps, this would lead to the app to close and not run anymore, this is now solved in a similar way as other apps handle it, where the back button will switch trough each previous screen, and when in the main screen the back button is pressed again, it will put the app on the background, the same what will happen if press the home button.


Connection issue

There was a problem on Android 8 where the app on a first start would not want to connect, and only after completely closing, only the third try would make the app function as expected, annoying issue that is fixed and now didn't occurred.



To make sure that the users will use the app on a regular base, and not forget to run the app, a notification system is added. This will in upcoming versions notify the users that didn't use the app for 48 hours. The notification is only given after 48 hours to give the users that where committed to use the app have a benefit above the users that needed a reminding notification.



Steemeum - Android Beta

This update is not mandatory, but you probably will want to have this latest update with the leaderboard and the other above mentioned improvements.

Previous version: V1.2.0

Current version: V1.3.2



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