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Steemeum is a virtual mobile mining app somewhat similar to Electroneum and Phoneum. Users of the app get rewarded based on there mined Proof of Time and commitment to the project.

Read more about the project in the introduction post


Steemeum Beta

Two days ago we have released our first version of the Steemeum Beta app for Android to the users that joined the Steemeum discord server and would wanted to help test the app.

The release of this closed beta will help to find possible issues with the app on different phones and different versions of Android and help to get feedback from the users about the user experience and functionality. This information will be used to improve the app, to make it ready for the public beta of the app.



if you want to join the closed Beta and want to help test the app, then please join the Steemeum Discord server, You will be given the "Tester" role and be able to download the app there from the "updates" channel.



The Steemeum project is added to Fundition to make it more easy to fund the project, one part of the raised funds is put into the rewards pool for the users of the Steemeum app, once the open beta started.




Join Steemeum on Discord

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Good Luck...Waiting for Launch on Play Store.

Thanks for updating.
I am joining Discord

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Thank you for joining

Thanks you for share this information I am waiting this on the play store

How can i download steemeum?
I joined in discord
Please help me
Thanks a lot

Y cuando estara en la play store?