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The new version of Steemeum that makes use of the latest standards for app development is now available to download and test.

This new updated version of the Steemeum virtual mobile miner app for Android has the following new features:


New feautures


  • Application made with and follows the best practices

  • Side menu that can show a lot more future features

  • Profile pictures in the rankings screen (disabled at the moment, because of high network traffic)

  • The automated upvoting of posts should now work for everyone

  • Settings screen that is easy to use and familiar in use and feel to other Android apps

  • Customizable statistics screen, add or remove Steemeum and Steemeum user related statistics tiles, and mobile coin tickers with charts

  • The statistics page now shows the current rewards pool

  • All screens have more text added to it to explain the elements displayed, this is done based on feedback from the Steemeum Android beta testers

  • Notification messages are added and shown in the bottom of the screen



These new features are the main differences with the current version, besides this a lot of smaller bugs are fixed, the update is mandatory, Steemeum users need to update to the new v2 Beta, and it can be downloaded from the Steemeum Discord server, in the same way as the previous versions. If you are not a Beta tester yet you can request the testers role and download the latest version as well.


Important, you wont be able to use the previeus versions of the Steemeum app anymore and need to update to Steemeum v2.

Before installing v2 uninstall the previous version and after installing of the new v2 version you would need to exclude Steemeum from the app battery saving settings, or it will not continue to mine.

(if you encounter any issue after installing, be sure to first, force close the app and or restart the phone to make sure the issue is still occurring)



The new Steemeum virtual mobile miner app v2 for Android



130+ weekly users

Since the start, around 6 months ago, Steemeum have welcomed over 500 users to the discord server, and this have resulted in now more then 100 weekly Steemeum Android app users.

We all know how difficult it can be for Steem users to keep interacting with the Steem blockchain, especially when the price is low and you are a relativly new user, just a little bit extra can go a long way and can keep users motivated and engaged with what Steem has to offer.

With Steemeum, as also stated in the introduction post, the goal is to keep users motivated and Steemeum has send out in this 6 months comparable rewards, and for the most active users even better rewards, as with the other (virtual) mobile miner competitor apps suchs as Electroneum (pot), Phoneum (pot) and JSECoin (pow).
Big thanks to @fundition for there support.

We can carefully state now after 6 months that we are a competitive virtual mobile miner app, and according to feedback from the users in the Steemeum general chat we are the best virtual mobile miner app.



Although the closed beta is mostly focused on excisting Steem users and this have been the priority, several user from outside the Steem blockchain also are joining the closed beta, and with it they join Steem and this is fullfilling already a bit of one of the other open beta goals, to onboard more new users to Steem.


More Information

Read more about the Steemeum project in the introduction posts.
Join the Steemeum beta on Discord if you want to help test the new Android app.

Your feedback will be very welcome and used to further improve the Steemeum app and project.





Steemeum is and can be funded with Fundition, the decentralized crowdfunding project on Steem.










The best!!!

Thank you @sasharaven, and thank you for your donations to Steemeum with Fundition.

@steemeum my pleasure!

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