3 Mini Hacks for Android

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I know what you are thinking, this is going to be the same cheesy advice you can find on anywhere on any technology blog. But this is where you are wrong, today I am going to share 3 different "mini hacks" that are not as widely known and that may just come in handy.


Set Your Date Back

Want to squeeze another day to finish that ebook/audiobook you got from the library? Is that game going to make you wait 24 hours unless you make a micro transaction? Try setting your phone's date ahead or behind to satisfy that app. It's generally pretty simple to do, although it varies a bit from phone to phone.

Also, be sure to turn your data off that way the app doesn't know that something fishy is going on (this trick really only works on apps that run offline).


Disable Background Data To Save a Few MB

A lot of newer android devices have the ability to disable an app's data unless you are using it at that moment. This can be a life saver if you are on a capped data plan. It's generally under Settings/Apps/"App Name"/Data Usage/Disable Background Data (of course it may vary from device to device). Now the app will not use data unless it is open (although keep in mind if you were to disable background data on an app like Hangouts you will not get messages unless it's open).


Also, as a bonus, if you are sick of an apps constant notifications you can disable notifications from that app specifically on most phones (or tablets). Just go to Settings/Apps/"App Name"/Notifications.


Get a Call Recorder

First of all, you NEED to know whether your municipality is a single or dual consent before you start recording your conversations; especially if you were to plan on using a recorded call in a court case.

However, even without recording your conversations with others (I mean, who really calls people today anyways...), there are still a lot of uses. Perhaps you get a robo call (an important one) and it's one of those really hard to understand ones and you want to be able to play it back to better understand it. Or you are expecting an automated call but can't take it (perhaps you'll be at work) you can always answer it, then immediately mute your phone and listen to it later.


Or perhaps you just want to troll one of those scam calls that start with "Hello, I'm calling about your credit card" or "Hello, this is the last time we will reach you regarding your car's extended warranty" and then keep a recording of it.



Well, I hope you found these tips useful. I tried to keep mainly towards the lesser known tips and tricks instead of just the same old ones you can find anywhere.


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