Samsung Galaxy S9 Unboxing + review

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Hi there,

yesterday my new phone finally arrived and i thought about sharing a few thoughts with you. It is none other than the new beauty: Galaxy S9. Long awaited phone.. but does it really deliver? Hopefuly you will find this article interesting and maybe it will even help you decide whether to order it or not.



Package has a very smooth dark-ish design. In my opinion, simplicity is the key to success in this matter, so i was very pleased with the packaging.. If I’m being picky, it could have a magnetic opening to give it that final polish instead of classic cardboard.


Package included headphones (which have amazing sound btw), USB - C Superfast charger, convinient OTG adapter so you can transfer data from your old phone.. (Probably in case it doesn’t have NFC lol) and of course manual. Honestly why bother with that :D

First look

On the first glance this phone truly looks majestic. Looks best on the market in my opinion because the only competition is new Pixel and Iphone X. One looks rather vague and the other has those unsightly upper display corners (ugh) Have a look and compare for yourselve


After all the sprinkles and stars settle, you start noticing the usual stuff. Fingerprins on glass back, awful "Duos" sighn on the back and.. wait thats it. Those are literaly only 2 things i don’t like on this design. Moving on to the software side. When you start up the phone, it runs extremely smooth (like any other new phone :D) and has all the Samsung bloatware well all know of.. but you know what you are getting into with Samsung. Some features stick out though and i will talk about them later on. Lastly, even though you already know this, the display. Yes the super AMOLED display is just absolutely amazing. If you ever go amoled you never go back you can trust me on that.


Seemingly useless virtual assistant from Samsung is a part of the classic bloatware kit you get pre-installed. After making use of Corntana, I thought i could make it work with bixby as well. It actually really suprised me. First thing that i know i will use on daily basis, is setting reminders and making check lists (mainly for groceries). She understands me very well so far and has no problems doing those tasks. Plus one right? Second thing, she got an upgrade in AR. She can now use your camera to interact with your enviroment and that could be real fun as well as useful. Lastly, you easily set up your own voice commands. Perhaps the most important thing with virtual assistants in my opinion. For example you could say one word and certain playlist from your music library starts playing. Amazing right?


Super slo-mo

Very advertised new function that new Galaxy gets is the ability to shoot at 960 FPS. It’s up to you if that is useful to you or not, but it works really well. I even tried that auto shoot feature that starts recording only when there is movement in front on camera and that works great as well.


It goes without saying that i will spend alot more time on my phone now.. New games, especially the ones driven by creative a colorful design, look astonishing on the super AMOLED. You can run any game that is out right now on maximum FPS so trust me.. Can’t wait to make some reviews with gameplays included ^^

Final word

It is too early to recommend this phone to anyone, but i can tell you that i am very pleased so far. There are a few things that i left out, such as the AR Emojis. That was intentional, because i just didn’t want to ruin your day.. I’m going to leave a link below to a reddit, where you can find backgrounds designed for super AMOLED display with "True Black" colors. If any of you has this display try downloading them.. you will be surprised how much of a difference it is.

Thanks for reading


That is a thing of beauty. I bought a training model recently Huawei Mate 10 Lite. I will probably switch to some high end model later on.

Huaweis are awesome. I think it will last for few years for sure

Looks like perfection. I have an S8 but the screen cracked after it fell from the table with a cover case on it! So carefull with the screen of your new toy :))

S8 is an amazing phone.. Even now still top of the market. It's a shame it cracked though, I guess shit happens :D

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