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    Hello guys what's up ! Today I have some bad news for people who have android devices with android 5 and 6(Also includes my self). I just have posted some days ago about using termux and last night I understood that the termux is not supporting updates for android 5 and 6. Also I have written a sentence about the Google play store error about downloading the app and as I said on that post I thought that the problem is from my phone cause I had erased everything and installed firmware again. Last night I found termux available in Google play store and I downloaded it again , but there was a message in termux terminal that was saying ' there will be no package update for this version anymore' (not the exact message) . I found all of this by googling and , there's no perfect way to solve it.

    I installed the older versions (when it was not available in play store for me) and it was working , but some basic packages were not installed! For example the ls command was not working! I had to download it package again. 

    After all , maybe we (me and other people with android 4,5,6) must look for another terminal emulator which helps us to use the linux side of android or still using termux without package update.

   But it's better to not give up , I mean there is no need to buy  another phone with higher android version , just try another app , for example I'm gonna try that Android emulator app. (I thing it's name was exactly 'android emulator')


    Anyway , my post was not really at time and some how outdated but , I thought it's better to say now instead of never saying. Have a nice time , don't forget to upvote if you enjoyed and if you have android 5 , 6 or even 4 , you can say in comments , also if there is any question or problem with your android , termux and ... say it maybe someone can help you.