Is Andreas Antonopolous Anti-Woman? Truth Revealed!

in #andreaslast year

Why is Andreas Antonopolous ranting against attractive, fit, personable, professional young women? Why is he trying to deny them of a perfectly legitimate job and the income and benefits that the work offers? Specifically, why is he wasting energy writing about how the conferences that he attends, and any crypto conference or blockbuster blockchain event at all, should explicitly prohibit the use of conference booth babes?
Crypto Marketing Insights exposes the facts behind this largely underreported scandal of high profile hypocrisy and male chauvinist sexism by a so-called Bitcoin evangelist with a supposed "intellectual" reputation in the blockchain ecosystem, or blockosphere.
Beyond the obvious double standards Mr. Antonopolous has applied to himself versus those he applies to everyone else, and especially conference booth babes, this video explores the impact this sort of bad behavior has on bitcoin, crypto, businesses in the industry, the ecosystem, and society at large.
This video calls on Mr. Antonopolous to apologize for his hurtful comments and actions, and to retract his statements that conference booth babes should not be allowed at cryptocurrency events or blockchain conferences. The apology Mr. Antonopolous owes, is to conference booth babes, the modeling agencies they work for, the companies that hire them, the conference organizers who bring them together to market their wares, the industry in which they all participate, women in general, and society at large.
Until then, it seems highly inappropriate for Mr. Antonopolous to be given any public speaking platform.
What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below, or with some votes, etc. :) Thanks!

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