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Early last century sponge divers in the Aegean Sea pulled a load of artifacts from the ocean floor. Amongst the treasures was a small bronze encrusted object that at first was discounted as wreckage, but later turned out to be one of the most amazing objects representing technology from antiquity. After cleaning this device, carefully removing the micro-sea build up, scientists discovered it was inscribed. When further examined under a microscope they found the incredibly small writing to be a proto-Greek language.


Years later a team of US scientists helped to ship a large 3D X-Ray scanner to Greece enabling them to see deeper into this mechanism. New scans constructed a complete interpretation of the device and when completed the scientists couldn't believe their eyes. The Antikythera had more than 30 highly intricate, accurate gears, more complicated than a Swiss watch. It could tell direction from the stars like a modern GPS, calculate the day of the year, where the moon and all other planets were in relation, as well their distance from one another, and that the writing had to be done by an advanced tool of a microscopic variety. The conclusion was that the device was broken off of a much larger computer-type mechanism. There are important factors about this discovery. For one, time is not linear. Our concept is that things evolve from simple to complex. This is not so, though things seem to move in certain patterns and sometimes repeat with similarities. The ancient Indians and Vedic scholars had an understanding of this, that for some time now we have been devolving, becoming less advanced until an inevitable point of collapse from which point on we can then work towards a higher state. This is called the Kali-yuga, Dharma, or cycle of life, but life is not just a simple circle, it is a relationship to pattern. Maybe like Mandelbrot's mathematical equation for interpreting this pattern he named the fractal. Fractals show us the pattern of reality and many believe it is this type of pattern that the Antikythera Device derived from, an advanced high society. This mechanism is looked upon as one of the most important artifacts ever discovered.

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