Dustin Nemos @NemosNews Interview - Anarcho Capitalism #AnCap, #QAnon, PedoGate & More! - DTube Version

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DTUBE Film Summary

This was a really great interview with Dustin Nemos who just got on steemit @NemosNews. We covered a ton of topics in this 1 on 1 interview regarding a whole bunch of the recent news stories. I wanted to introduce my audience to Dustin because he brings a very informative and balanced analysis that my viewers could benefit to hear from. As we try to unite this Truth community, it is great to hear from people from all types of perspectives.

This was really a bombshell interview in many ways. The discussion began with an analysis of anarcho capitalism, as we are both pro AnCap, so if you are interested in that type of analysis this would be an interesting show for you.

Also we discussed everything from the recent Q Anon, Cicada 3301 stuff to the recent PedoGate stuff. We even went off on tangents about a possible WW3, or nuclear / biological / space weapon type scenarios. It was really quite a diverse impromptu conversation.

I am really glad that I got to hear Dustin's take on all these extremely relevant topics. I think we could have kept going for a few hours but there was a lot already in this convo so.

Huge Thanks to Dustin for joining me, please follow his work at these links:

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Thanks so much for watching this on DTUBE!

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    Societies are unequal. The stronger ones conquer the weaker ones. To prevent annihilation, the weaker ones band together for protection. This leads to some form of government, which has some sort of military power, which in times of peace will end up being used to coerce that society's unarmed members. Statism is stronger than anarcho-capitalism.


    Yes, but that is in a world that has no global connection, where one tribe some far off place disconnected from everyone else would ban together against everyone else. If you were to today with a global connected economy, an internet, and all that to go do an anarchistic system, you could prevent a group from rallying together to take over.

    Was that THE FAINT you were rocking there Titus? Sorry still trying to figure out this whole steemit thing but I’m glad I found your channel again. It’s a god damn travesty and disgrace what happened to YouTube. But keep on keepin on my friend.

    you guys are both cool. like both of you.