Permaculture Mexico.

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Hi Steemians its been a while i dont post anything but am back.,I just went to a course of permaculture really interesting how be one with mother nature.

I met this type of people from diferent parts of the world in this great course!

One of thinks we have learned is to make a brick oven, which is not very difficult!

This project is based in a place with very little rain watter wich make this more interesting!
The climate of San Luis de La Paz, Mexico is semi-arid temperate with rain in summer. It receives less than 500 mm of rain, making it the driest region of Guanajuato,Mexico. Their temperatures are usually contrasting.
In this photo you can see that in the mountain there are lines of stones to capture the water in the subsoil.
we can also observe at the top right side of the photo that there is more vegetation this means that this technique is functional
in the rest there is not so much vegetation because they redirect the cattle

We also build this super adobe dome!

we also learned about solar cells.

here is another technique for bio build with the coconut shell and lime and bambú.

The coconut shell can also be used as a water collector

This dam is where they catch rainwater

I believe that anarchy is this way
Here some links that i think are good

Thanks for reading if you like it,please vote and follow me.,I will appreciate.

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great post!

thanks man! appreciated

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@valenziia Great write up! Love to see Permaculture info here on Steem. I am new to steem but have been in the permaculture world for a while. We have a farm, Atitlan Organics, on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I am going to start becoming more active here on steem and looking to connect to the permaculture community. Looking forward to more quality posts from you and other permie folks. Cheers for now.