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RE: A Matter of Scale

in #anarchy4 years ago

Love the way you try and plant some seeds of truth into the zombified minds of the masses. It certainly is I believe the MOST worthwhile endeavor to be taking and I hope I can help spread your message, great piece, very relatable.


Hey zoomT. 2018 is going to be a great year for Liberty. Enough are coming off the Trump WWE-style act, False Hope high, and are ready to dig their heels in. [email protected] Happy New Year.

I agree! I'll shoot you an email, I have been wanting to do a talk show youtube ( about this insanity maybe you join me sometime.

yes. Just responded to your email. Do you have a You Tube channel?

dude... Why are you keeping this a "family secret"? Will they take crypto for chocolate?

I thought about it, but the truth is what I believe is not compatible with retail business and since I am not really involved in day to day operations I figured it was a no win. My family does not agree with what I believe to be true, nor do most of the customers and I have already spent a looooong time trying to get the business to make money to this point lol. Sucks but it is what it is.
Thanks for asking and who knows...

not sure if I sent you this link, but it helps with advertising, the one bot pays smartmarket (at the bottom in its own section)135% after curation.

oh. man. WAAAAAY over my 62 year old brain. LOL

I hear you, I barely understand this stuff. haha

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