How to teach crypto to your children?

in #anarchy4 years ago (edited)

I have decided after more than 8 years away to re-unite with my 13 years old son, he is an enthusiastic and smart guy but he wastes too much time playing useless games and I would love to divert that energy into something productive.
He has an anarchist heart and at a very early age manifested his disagreement with the current system, I have decided to support him and now he is unschooled for 6 months, currently thinking to homeschool him and want to find the best way to lead him into the future of money.
Here is a photo of two of us on our way to New life, father and son together.

However am open to what he loves most which I am still trying to figure out since I just started to really get to know him well.

I will appreciate all suggestions.

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