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Some of you who are following on me have been asking me for an update on the energy work surrounding the Sovereign Human Matrix which I am involved in. As stated to many of you who have emailed me to inquire, we are still finding many manipulations, overlays, infused AI, and other energetic hijackings. We have etheric detonators that go off in our energy bodies when we hit certain levels of frequencies and consciousness, so its vital all of these are found so the sessions are safe and meticulous which is why we are holding off until we have everything. For those of you who want to know more about what I am talking about, here I explain in my talk at the Truth and Freedom event in Swindon, UK last year.

As I have stated before its literally like being in a computer game, you hit certain levels and then you face the next boss to move to the next level. Imagine humans as being like one big energy harvesting unit and we are all contributing to that huge battery. On the one hand its pretty depressing, yet on the other hand its very clear to me how truly powerful a human being is. we often hear people say that humans are powerful but I now KNOW this to be true.

It is an honor for me to be party to this work which I feel has the potential to change the face of the planet in the long run. It has the ability to stop all psychic attacks from both entities and humans, it has the ability to remove all of the AI and energetic hijacking so we can create from pure essence. These energies can see into our timelines and manipulate events to stop us connecting with our soul tribes and soul mates, this takes us out of that game, and it is literally a game, the strongest players win.


The hijacking is a virtual reality program running through and infused within us. With a web, darknet, motherboard, shards, nodes, everything you would find in a computer program. As above so below, this is what we are working on, and it is a year and a half of discovery that will blow people's minds. People that know me know I don't make such predictions lightly, but it will speak for itself. So I ask those waiting please be patient it will be worth it! I will, of course, keep you all updated.


As always have a great week ahead and thank you for your continued support. For more information on this topic email me directly at

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