The Social Conditioning of Society to Induce Hate and Division.

in anarchy •  6 months ago

Where do I start? Transgenderism, feminism, Tommy Robinson, The Hippie Movement. The list goes on in how certain sectors of society are funneled into a particular direction in which the usual beneficiaries are the Worlds politicians, bankers, weapons manufacturers, and shadow governments. 'Divide and Rule' reigns king on Planet crazy, here I discuss further. Video starts at 27 seconds.

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An interesting pattern is that many of the new labels and division are created in the name of openness and inclusion. The people creating the labels project the divisiveness of their labels onto their partisan opponents.

The sad part of the story is that many people in divisive movements drank the koolaid and never realize that the movement they support is the source of the divisiveness they oppose.


Yea and all based on a barely accurate account of what these labels really even mean. They are just giving up their own autonomy in the name of a generalized collective; and this is perhaps from an insecurity or lack of purpose with themselves.