And Another Farewell

in anarchy •  4 months ago

This one goes out to the one who calls me "dear friend",

As you may have already noticed I have deleted you across all channels.

When you added me again after deleting me years ago, I thought you were meant to be back in my life. But I did realise now that the universe was testing me.

I have experienced a profound transformation of my life in the last year and I am ready to embrace the new me and the next level of human consciousness. I am ready to embrace true anarchy in form of self-ownership, self-love and charity.

You on the other hand keep clinging to and advocating a long outdated set of beliefs and a system that has failed mankind over and over again. You keep advocating institutions that want to control and regulate every aspect of people's private lifes, which is something I cannot tolerate, because I am someone who can take responsibilty for his own life and still have a good heart and help other people who are worse off than myself.

Maybe, one day sooner or later you will stop buying into the fearmongering of those who want to keep holding us back, those who are the ones you should actually be afraid of, if there is such a thing.

Maybe one day you will be able redirect the energy you are currently investing in "fixing people" into actually helping them. If you do that with the same kind of passion, you will be unfuckinstoppable!

Until then I bid you farewell with the great Duran Duran:

Wild boys never lose it!
Wild boys never chose this way!
Wild boys never close your eyes!
Wild boys always shine!

All the best,

Your "dear friend"

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