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If you know anyone suffering these symptoms, consult true anarchy for immediate relief. 

You might be suffering from statism if......

1.  You thank extortion funded murderers in uniforms for their “service”. 

2.  You think that locking children in a building with strangers for 15,000 hours is the best way to educate them. 

3.  You think that words on paper can magically grant or take away rights. 

4.  You think that people with badges have the right to boss you around and take your stuff. 

5.  You always obey orders without question. 

6.  You think that you “own” your house, even though you’re forced to pay every year to keep it. 

7.  You think getting x-rayed, frisked, and humiliated at an airport keeps you safe. 

8.  You think that in order to avoid violence, theft, and coercion, that it’s best to give a monopoly of violence, theft, and coercion to a tiny minority. 

9.  You think that being extorted is your “duty”. 

10. You think that violently throwing people in cages for possessing certain plants is ok.    

Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

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Yep, a picture is worth a thousand words, LOL. What a society we live in, huh?

Yeah, what a society!! Sadly, I'm usually down with a couple of these symptoms. Which is why I like your blog so much... Keeps my grip on truth, reality and sense!

Thanks man. That means a lot to me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really reaching people, or just "preaching to the choir" of anarchists that are already on Steemit. I'm happy to know that all my hard work is helping people.

If only we could synthesize this into a pill and feed it to the masses (maybe bacon or chocolate chip cookie flavored) ....if only

LOL, yep, a sweet tasting red pill, as opposed to the sometimes bitter one we have to swallow.

Well said. If only we could speak reason and convince those folks of the truth. Thanks for sharing a truth. @steeminganarchy

Thanks Troy! You as well! Your posts on Family Protection are much appreciated.

Yeah sadly some support the system strongly with their full faith : /
But I believe many see the problems and still silently oblige. The same could be said about anyone who lives in the society, we only see the actions we can´t read minds :)

How do you personally avoid these steps? Since any observer would assume you where one of those thinking like this.

That's a great point. Usually it's not easy to tell because, you're right, we can't read minds. However, in certain situations, it's very easy to tell. For example, if someone is wearing a badge and uniform, it's obvious what lies influence their actions. On the flip side of that, when someone is being harassed by "the state", you can tell if they know truth or lies based on their reaction. For example:

When going through an immoral, criminal airport checkpoint, if someone speaks out against the criminals, then that person knows true morality and is taking right action.

I recently suffered a horrendous experience at an airport and will be blogging about it soon. I spoke out, very loudly and clearly, against the criminals in uniforms. I didn't leave any doubt as to where my mind is. However, nobody else going through the checkpoint raised so much as an eyebrow and certainly didn't help me, which shows, sadly, where their minds are.

Yeah we must speak up that is for sure, but with no backup or help it will be a hard and lonely fight. Imagine if everyone just united for a good cause that would be something, or simply just cared more about fellow humans and their rights, then they care/ believe in this prison of a system.

Looking forward to your post on that experience :)

Peace & Anarchy!

Yeah dude, it's not easy to go it alone, that's for sure. I had the idea over a year ago (and posted about it) about a group activity to assert the right to travel at airports unmolested.

The idea is to have a group of people walk through the TSA checkpoint without stopping, answering any questions, or even paying any attention to the TSA's ludicrous behavior. Just walk through. Period.

I figure a group as small as 20 people (I'm guessing) would have a chance at success. It would need to be recorded, preferably live streamed, of course, in order to document the event.

The reason I think such a small number of people could have success is because of a personal experience I had. I refused all forms of searches (by machine or by human) and was stopped from making a connecting flight in Miami (I blogged about this as well). The thing is, there were at least 20 personnel involved JUST TO STOP ME. Cops, TSA, uniform, plain clothes, you name it. They were there. So if that was just FOR ME (and I didn't even have a camera!), then imagine what would be possible for just a COUPLE DOZEN people.

Short story long, this is a glaring example of how the whole police state is just a house of cards that could be easily toppled if even a small number of people would take right action.

Si, es cierto. Lamentable, todo el mundo tiene gobierno asi, pero tienes razon que en Venezuela, es un nivel mas triste y fuerte.

Great dude! I'll resteem within the next 24 hours. You're moving pretty fast! I can't keep up :)

I am against all that but got no power to opt it.

You have power, sir, just like everyone else.

I wish I had that power to go against the tide.

lol ! 👏 great post

Bro, I am now following you. I am with you 100%!

Thanks man. I checked out your book prologue yesterday. Followed and upvoted. From one writer to another, cheers!