War With Puppets 48" x 24"~ Acrylic | Pat Loves to Paint | Art is the Best Release

in anarchy •  7 months ago

Republicans, Democrats or Whatever..


To dangle from golden laced strings or to be fisted with no lube...
You're still just a puppet controlled by a Zionist Jew..
As above, so below.

The puppetmaster aways wins the political war.

Listen to more Mckenna, and Trust Yourself!

Terence Mckenna - Trust Yourself

This 10 minutes rap that will open your mind

"If you want a teacher try a waterfall or a mushroom, or a mountain wilderness, or a storm pounded sea shore. This is where the action is. Reject authority, authority is a lie and an abomination, authority will lead you into ruin."

'It's not real'

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The painting is really well done. And Terrence McKenna is someone I could listen to all day long.

DUDE! This is so sick! You artistic fuck!!!