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Although Mark went public about his reconnection with Jeff Berwick and Anarchapulco via The State of Anarchy, here is Mark's short testimonial. He says we need to,

"Unify and come together and spread the message of Natural Law and true Anarchy, and true freedom."

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The State of Anarchy
Pat Leach @illucifer

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So good that you made Mark be more active on Steemit. You guys are on fire. Can't wait to work with you on 1UP!!!

Thank you for your passion and level of involvement to free humanity. Your sustained commitment is having an effect. You are on the front line of of bringing the message of Natural Law... stay with it. As you know, this work is not getting propagated quickly enough. I can only speak for myself... getting this information to sink in to "know it like I know my own name" is frustratingly slow. I listen to you almost everyday. I have nearly finished all 196 podcasts and am beginning to make sense of it all. What I am trying to say is, an awakening is happening... it is just so frustratingly slow... stay at it brother.