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My first steemit video

in anarchy •  2 years ago 

Hi Sabrina!
I love what you've done here, all upside down, beautiful and strong!

I'll be honest - I have targeted your video as an opportunity to share one of mine. I hope you're not offended, I merely am one for chuckles and wish for others to endure them pleasantly whilst witnessing my content ya see.

In the interest of transparency these are the reasons I have blatantly posted a link on your video.

A) I want views and I'm not getting them yet
B) I'm impatient
C) Atleast I'm not a generic Bot cruising about "greeting" people
D) There aren't too many comments to get lost in
E) In your thumbnail you looked like an old friend of mine and now after my 3rd cup of coffee in 2 hours I found myself already having typed all this so now I'll hit "Add a comment."

All the best Sabrina!


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