The #Vonu Podcast LIVE Q&A Episode this Friday At 1pm Central TIme

in anarchy •  8 months ago

Hey ya'll! Shane here. I've got an exciting announcement for you. This Friday (March 30th) at 1pm central time, Jason Boothe and I will be hosting the FIRST EVER live Q&A episode for The Vonu Podcast! We'll start off with a couple listener-submitted questions about van nomadism, but any and all questions pertaining to vonu (or, becoming as invulnerable to coercion as possible) are encouraged!

If you are confused by the time differences for any reason, the YouTube live page will be embedded below.

Thanks so much! We hope to see you there.

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Hey! I am glad to have made the live stream. Are you close to Virginia? I saw you went to Anarcon last year. My family planned to go but could not. We are close to Richmond in Charlottesville, and we've hung out with Kal and others from RVA. I was just talking to Kal over some mead a couple nights ago, and he has finally been convinced to check out steemit. Hopefully he'll be up and running here soon.