Building The Second Realm (Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest 2018)

in anarchy •  5 months ago

My presentation from the 6th Annual Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest is out! Herein, I talk about The Second Realm. The YouTube video will be below, but for more information on this subject, click here-- Kyle Rearden and I put out a 16-part podcast series and there are a few terrific books I would highly recommend.

Please enjoy, up-vote, share it around, and leave any questions/comments you may have below!


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Shane is the founder of Liberty Under Attack and host of LUA Radio, a once-weekly podcast released every Sunday; he also does The Vonu Podcast, which is released every Tuesday. He is a free market anarchist committed to providing solutions to his listeners and readers, so that they can create the freedom they desire in their own lives, RIGHT NOW, despite the State.

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